Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cincinnati's Horseshoe Casino

I love my job.

The other day, I got to spend almost an hour flying above Cincinnati in a helicopter with Rick Lohre of Rick Lohre Photography.

The company I work for has several projects underway that we needed progress pics of. What a way to get a feel for how the new Horseshoe Casino is coming along.

The thing that I notice most in these shots is how incredible Over-the-Rhine looks right next door to the new casino. The Pendleton neighborhood (right across the street immediately north of the casino) specifically looks fantastic. You get a sense of the new life that has been breathed into downtown's first suburb.

If you haven't been to downtown Cincinnati in awhile (or ever), you owe it to yourself to spend an afternoon exploring. Or a week!

Let me know if you do. I just might join you!


  1. kinda ruins the look of the area! that one big place is the same as almost all of pendlton.

  2. Wow! Cool pictures! I love seeing things I look at on a dialy basis from this point of view. I think I could almost see where Mayberry is at, too! Way cool! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Great pics, Andy. And so very conveniently located right next to the Justice Center, no? ;)

  4. What's it like to fly in a helicopter for almost an hour?

  5. The casino may be a modern eyesore and ultimately the source of a number of problems, but it looks good to me, as my household benefits directly from it being a place that employs a lot of people with skills and abilities that otherwise have had a very difficult time finding employment in Cincinnati because of things like who they are, where they live and what they look like. If the more visually appealing, so-called legitimate economy is as exclusionary as it is around here, my tendency to oppose an enterprise founded by gangsters that preys on public vice that actually values employees for what they are rather than what they are not - at least enough to hire them - wanes and I view it as legitimate and attractive as anything else around here. LS Robinson - Colerain TWP


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